How is price determined?

With custom embellishment, the most important factors in determining price are the quantity and the quality of the garment. Other factors such as, print locations, color of garment, and number of ink colors in the design are also important in determining cost. As a rule of thumb, white tees and light tees are less expensive as they are easier to embellish. We will always recommend garments to you based on your needs and our experience in this industry. However, we are more then happy to work within your budget when customizing your imprinted sportswear line.

What are screen charges and set up fees?

Screen charges and set up fees are a one time charge per design. Each color in your design requires a separate screen. Each screen is $25.00. Example : 4 Color design would require 4 screens at $25.00 per screen for a total of $100.00 in set up fees. ONE TIME PER DESIGN. There would be no charge for this when you reorder.

Do you offer volume discounts?

We offer discounts on all garments with the exception of white promo tees as they have already been discounted. When you order 300 shirts or more with the same image (you may mix and match styles and colors) you will receive a 5% discount off the cost of garments. If you order 600 pieces or over with the same image you will receive a 7.5% discount. For quantities over 600 pieces additional discounts may apply and will be quoted on an individual basis.

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How long will it take to complete my order?

We have a lead time of 10 business days from approval of final artwork. We try to turn new art work around as quickly as possible. There are several variables that determine the time frame. Number of changes required from the initial concept and how fast you, the client, respond to our artists.

Do you have minimums?

Our minimum is 12 pieces for simplex designs. This includes designs that are 3 colors or less. For full color, complex designs we require an order of 150 shirts or more.


What are your standard sizes for t-shirt art?

We will always recommend sizing to you depending on the design and the garment it is being printed on. There are some restrictions when it comes to sizing. If you have specific needs for sizing please let us know on your order so we can accommodate you.
Standard Left Chest Print : 3.5" Wide
Standard Full Back Print: 12" Wide
Standard Ladies Center Chest Print : 8" Wide
Alternative locations will be sized based on garment and artwork.

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