Graphic Design

Graphic Design

GAGear has a history and prides itself in offering the finest craft artwork available in the screen printing industry. Over the years we have created over 3,800 pieces of original designs for our customers. The advantage we have over other screen printing companies is that from the beginning we had formulas for hand cutting extremely complex separations. This was all done through original drawings and then developing the separations by hand through a stat camera. Our process allowed us to develop from 5 colors, separations that would end up being up to 18 colors with very smooth transitions in the half tone effect.

So in today's computer world we are able to carry forward our true craft understanding of fine art and because of our history we are able to take it up to another level. This is where it all starts, strong concept, well developed artwork, professional standard separations and finally the end result which is produced on our screen printing machines by technicians who really get it and understand all the work that it has taken to get it the point of being printed. Let's face it, in the end is your projected people will see your company from a graphic design point of view.

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